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Manchester Terriers:

About seven years ago we started on a search for a breed that would be compatible for our son to use in Junior Handling.  After researching several breeds we had reached a stand still, there wasn't anything that had taken my eye.  Well in the summer of '95 at a dog show I happened to be walking by the Terrier Ring and spotted a powerful little Black and Tan dog.  I followed the owner of this dog around ALL weekend wanting to learn more about this breed as I had NEVER seen a Manchester Terrier before.  As it happened this dog had just sired a litter of puppies in the USA and I was determined that we were going to have one of those pups!!!

Our foundation bitch came from that litter:

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"Kayle" was the starting point of our passion for this Breed.  She was not only a dream come true "show dog" but also a wonderful family companion. 


The Manchester has remained a relatively Healthy breed because of the dedicated breed fanciers.  This breed is one of the best keep secrets of the dog world and due to this it is not over bred, which enables those serious about to hold true to the important aspects..."health/temperament/breed type" and keep these factors as a priority concern for each planned breeding.


It is my job as a breeder to ensure each dog I use in my breeding program encompasses all aspects of the breed.  I do not breed puppies to meet a demand of puppy buyers.  Each breeding is well thought out and is always with the hope of producing better specimens with each new generation.  Most of our puppies though will go to wonderful companion homes as not all puppies are destined for the show ring or a breeding program. 


Since the Manchester is a relatively rare breed most of our puppies must travel quite a distance to their new homes.  Depending upon where you live it may take a bit of research to check and see if it would be in the best interest of the puppy to make a journey to your home.  If I think that it is too far, I am always willing to help find a breeder closer to your region.


Our Rottweiler interest started 12 years ago.  Over the ensuing years we have built a solid foundation using some of the best European and North American  bloodlines.  With the help of some of the finest breeding stock we feel we are now on our way to achieving our goal -- the pedigrees/Health Clearances speak for themselves. The Rottweiler is not a dog for everyone, although with proper training and upbringing, can produce a devoted and loving family member.  


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